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Friday, March 05, 2010

Car Thieves Terrorize Southwest Daycare

I was glued to the daycare surveillance video motionless, as I watched the unidentified man open my car door and snatch my purse. “He got you!” a woman yelled, while watching the video over my shoulder. My mouth fell to the floor, along with my tears. Speechless, I looked to the daycare director for help, but her words were no comfort. I sighed and my body slouched in disbelief.

How could someone steal from a daycare? The white car had been parked in the daycare parking lot for awhile, before pulling up along side my car. The criminal had been examining his prey, my son and me. Routinely, I lock my car doors. However, that morning I forgot to lock the doors.

It’s been over a month, since my purse was stolen. I do not want to instill fear or paranoia, but encourage parents to be more aware of their surroundings. Theft is on the rise with the crippling state of the economy. I wasn’t the first victim to have her purse stolen at my child’s daycare, and sadly may not be the last.

5 Daycare Drop Off Safety Tips!
1. Notice your surroundings before taking your child out of the car.
2. Lock your car doors.
3. Never leave valuables in plain view in your car.
4. Keep all valuables in your trunk.
5. Never leave your car running. Always take your keys out of the ignition.

Believe it or not, groups of criminals are stalking daycare facilities. I refer to them as “daycare terrorists.” Next time you are dropping your child off at daycare or school, please consider these safety tips.

Southwest Parenting Magazine

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