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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SCAD surprises students at Sarah Smith Elementary with major donation of art supplies and books

SCAD surprises students at Sarah Smith Elementary with major donation of art supplies and books

Baracula: Political and Presidential Halloween Masks

I usually get a kick out of seeing political and presidential Halloween masks. I laugh opening the door to trick-or-treaters wearing a Hillary Clinton, Bush, Sarah Palin, or Barack Obama mask, and gladly give them candy. However, the latest mask of our 44th President of the United States made me more than a little bit uncomfortable. It is a President Obama mask depicting him as a demon.

Flashbacks of blackfaced college students at fraternity Halloween parties filled my head, and Ku Klux Klan white sheeted costumes blurred my vision. Our three-year-old son hid behind me when I enhanced the demonized “Baracula” mask on the computer screen. “Mommy is that Barack Obama?” he shrieked, looking at the screen with his arms wrapped around me.

My husband thinks I’m overreacting, but I believe this zombie mask depiction of our 44th President is distasteful and borderline racist.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Optimistic People Live Longer : I See the Glass As Half Full

My co-workers often comment on how cheerful I am in the office. I've learned to tone down my enthusiasm around some of them that arrive at 8:30 a.m., but wheels don't turn until about noon. I attribute my cheerfulness to my rah-rah years of being a cheerleader at Boulder High School, which has resulted in me having a permanent smile on my face. This is not to be confused with Batman's Joker's smile, because that's a bit scary. I tend to always see the glass as half full, and truly believe my positive outlook on life keeps me motivated on a daily basis. I recently read an article that said that optimistic people live longer and have healthier lives. I would have to agree.

I was flattered when recently, a young professional came up to me at a conference and said, "I really admire you, because you seem to have it all together. How do you do it?" I laughed and replied, "It's all a facade." Her mouth hung open and she caught a couple of fly's. I grinned and said, "I was only kidding and that I try to stay positive and optimistic when handling my work/life balance."

Life in general has its curve balls, but if you take each day one at a time and try to see the good in every situation, then you'll be on your way to living a healthier and happier life. I think sometimes people take themselves and situations too seriously. Uptight people need to relax and pessimists should take up yoga and just breath.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Awkwardness on an Elevator: Don’t Just Bob Your Head to Elevator Music

The next time you’re on an elevator when the door closes and it’s just you and another person, or several people, I dare you to say something. Elevator rides can be the most awkward and uncomfortable environments on the planet, and the music doesn’t help the silence.

You’re in a small confined space where seconds feel like hours, and you can’t wait for the doors to open to inhale what you believe to be fresh air. Instead of fixating on the awkwardness, do something about it. Take time to tell someone you like their shirt, glasses, or shoes.

I’m a believer that opportunities and partnerships can be developed on elevator rides. These partnerships can lead to networking opportunities. You never know who will be in the elevator with you, and it could change your life for the better.

The next time you’re taking the elevator up to the 15th floor in silence, break the ice and say something kind to brighten someone’s day, and possibly further advance your career.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Early Detection is Key.

My college girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was in her early twenties. Early detection of the disease allowed the doctors to treat the cancerous areas. She like millions of other women and men are cancer survivors.

The American Cancer Society’s most recent estimates for breast cancer in the United States are for 2010:

- About 207,090 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women.

- About 54,010 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) will be diagnosed (CIS is non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer).

- About 39,840 women will die from breast cancer.

Early detection is key, schedule a mammogram and learn the early warning signs of breast cancer.

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

10 Dating Dos and Don’ts from a Woman’s Perspective

Sex on the Beach is Danielle’s preferred cocktail, although the app Carb Tracker suggests Smartwater. Sexting doesn’t amuse her in any way, and she’s disgusted thinking about what may be peeping out of her Inbox. Boring. She, by all practical purposes, has “got it going on.” Danielle works out three times a week, watches her carb intake, eats fiber daily, and is considering taking pole dancing classes, just for the “heck of it.” Her consultant job allows her to travel in and out of state, shop and dine at high-end places, and date gorgeous and not so hot men.

Five, Six, Eight minute dates are all a blur, but “that one guy in Atlanta may get another date,” she recalls, texting him while we talk. eHarmony and solicit her with free-trial coupons, that she admits to trying once or twice. These days Danielle tells her past dates what they did right and wrong, surprisingly not charging a fee. She claims her dating wisdom is so good that former boyfriends call her for advice on a regular basis. She points out, “The first date is a deal breaker either you’re in or out.” There are no three strikes and you’re out with her. It’s either you got it, or you don’t.

10 Dating Dos & Don’ts
1. Hygiene is important. All smells are not good smells. Don’t smell like your house. Don’t over do it on cologne.
2. Be creative on where you take your date out to eat. Chain restaurants are not always advised. Try something a little more romantic, not just a place with a dollar menu.
3. If you make it to the second date, do not wear the same outfit. I”ll say it again, I strongly advise you not to wear the same outfit twice. It’s understandable to have a favorite shirt or pants, but you need to switch it up a bit.
4. If your going to pick up your date and you don’t have a nice car, it must be clean. No dust. No syrup residue from beverages, or funky gym clothes in the back seat. Clean your ride!
5. If your date doesn’t finish her meal, then do not ask for a to-go box for her meal. Do not eat her meal and yours.
6. As a part of dating etiquette, communication is key.
7. Be on time. You only get one first impression.
8. Always pay the bill. If you’re not paying, then it’s not a date.
9. Don’t expect a kiss at the end of the night. It’s always nice to try, because women like to feel desired. It’s OK, even if you get “shot down.” Sometimes a kiss on the cheek, and nice hug will do!
10. Don’t stalk her, but do call her to follow-up within three business days after the first date. You snooze, you lose.

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