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Friday, May 14, 2010

Mom Shout-Outs for Southwest Atlanta Businesses

More than 99% of the time I’m appreciative of friendly people that I don’t know who lend a helping hand to assist me with my children. Whether it’s opening a door for me, while I'm carrying our newborns extremely heavy car seat, or posing as a crossing guard to stop traffic for my kids and me to walk across the street. The smallest acts of kindness go a long way in a mother’s heart.

It can be a circus act leaving the house and going on what I call “an adventure,” i.e. to the mall or grocery shopping with two small kids. I’m grateful for people who are kind enough to help a mother who looks like she needs it, because most of the time I do! However, the majority of the time the people who come to my aid are employees at the local business where we frequently shop. Their kindness prompted me to give them a shout-out:

- Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant at Camp Creek MarketPlace: For having booths large enough for newborn car seats.

- Exotic Nail & Spa on Cascade Road: For playing with our son while I got my well-deserved pedicure. Wiping the drool off of his face was “over the top”
and extremely motherly.

- FootAction at Greenbriar Mall: For the young employee who firmly told our 2- year old son to “listen to your Mama.”

- Friday’s at Camp Creek MarketPlace: For allowing our 2 year old son to express himself by dancing and shaking to the song, “Over” by Drake.

- Old Navy at Camp Creek MarketPlace: For having carts designed to safely hold newborn car seats.

- Publix Supermarket on Cascade Road: For having parking spaces for “New and Expectant Mothers.”

- Ready Set Go Hair Salon on Fairburn Road: For giving me the option to return their rollers later, in order to rush home and nurse our newborn.

- Starbucks Coffee on Cascade Road: Special thanks for being open so early in the morning. There’s nothing better than some great hot chocolate and scrumptious pastries.

- Walgreen’s on Cascade Road: For having a Take Care clinic. To quote my mom, Hazel Ann, “it just warms my heart” to know a nurse is up the street.

I’m a believer that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Living in Southwest Atlanta for 5 years, I feel a strong sense of community. High-five to all the businesses and entire community for helping moms when we need it most!

Sojourner Marable Grimmett has a BA in communications from Clark Atlanta University and an MA in media studies from Pennsylvania State University. She is a stay-at-work mom and her experience in higher education spans over 10 years working in student services and enrollment management. She lives in southwest Atlanta with her husband, Roland and two young sons, Roland Jay and Joshua. Visit her blog: Follow her on Twitter:

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