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Friday, April 15, 2011

Confessions of an Atlanta Mom: Working and Breastfeeding. Holy Cow!

I have always been strongly committed to family but also pursuing my professional goals and a successful career. Working full-time, being a wife, raising two boys and on top of all of that pumping at work has its challenges, but in the midst of it all I still have time to laugh. Below are not only some tips for stay-at-work nursing moms, but hopefully information that will provide a good laugh and some “Uh-huh’s” from “The Amen Corner. ”

1. Never wear white to work. NEVER! Milk stains and will create funny-looking circles on your shirt.

2. Bring a separate bag to work just for your nursing supplies. Spilled milk can stain the inside of your purse and cause a strong odor.

3. If nursing, pump in a private and quiet room to allow your milk to flow. If distracted, bring a picture of your child to allow your milk to come down.

4. If you feel comfortable, you can tell your colleagues that you are nursing  and throughout the day you will need to be excused to pump. Involving them will create a support system.

5. Eat solid meals and drink lots of water throughout the day, not only to maintain your energy but to keep up your milk supply!

At my previous job, my colleague and I returned from maternity leave about the same time, and I found it difficult to pump in the ladies’ room.


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