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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pull up your pants. No one wants to see your underwear.

My twin brother, Joshua sent me an image of a sign created by the Metropolitan Etiquette Authority which states, "Pull Up Your Pants: No One Wants To See Your Underwear." In 2010, New York artist Jay Shells, created and launched a subway etiquette campaign covering everything from pulling up your pants to texting and walking at the same time, that sign reads, "Pay Attention While Walking: Your Facebook Status Update Can Wait." You can see these etiquette signs scattered throughout the city.
The only thing conservative about me is the way that I dress.  That's it.  It's my own personal preference not to show cleavage at work, wear short shorts, and pierce my navel. I am a fan of self-expression, and have seen it all.


Last year, I wrote a post called, "Rapper Pants on the Ground and Tatted Up." I argued that I'm not a fan ofthe recent trends that I’ve seen popping up among some Black artists, who many young African Americans look up to as role models.  The most common trend is sagging pants and the latest trend is getting tattoos on the face.

Pants are so low on the ground these days, that you might as well walk in your draws. (Quick rant.) "Yes, take them off and walk in your underwear.  I think I would prefer seeing that, than you trying to stumble up the street, while holding your pants.  What is the point in wearing a belt if your pants are way below your waistline and tucked under your butt.  Not to mention if they are skinny jeans." Exhaled.
Do you think it would be helpful to have signs like these in our city? Am I alone in wanting young men to pull up their pants when walking? Or am I also the only one annoyed by people who text and walk at the same time?

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