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Thursday, July 26, 2012

CARA B Naturally® Launches A National Pledge Campaign Take The Pledge to Care, Naturally!

CARA B Naturally® Launches A National Pledge Campaign
Take The Pledge to Care, Naturally! 
CARA B Natural Products, Inc., a company trailblazing new ground in the ethnic personal care category, has launched a Pledge to Care, Naturally, a national campaign that is intended to positively impact the wellness and development of your children. By requesting that Moms, Dads, caregivers and community members sign the Pledge to Care, Naturally, CARA B Naturally hopes to show a true commitment to promoting healthy decision-making for kids and families as a whole.

Babies and children are the most vulnerable to the potentially harmful side effects of toxic chemicals. Many chemicals found in everyday baby and children’s products have been linked to developmental, learning and behavioral issues, as well as skin and respiratory problems such as eczema and asthma. CARA B Naturally is asking that you join us as we pledge to do our best to eliminate toxic chemicals from our loved ones lives.
To take the Pledge to Care, Naturally and help spread the word visit  
Pledge to Care, Naturally®
I pledge to do my best to make informed and healthy decisions for my family by avoiding toxic chemicals in the care of the children in my life. 
I do this because:
  • Children are more vulnerable than adults to the potential harmful effects of chemicals.
  • Natural, chemical-free products are safe and effective.
  • My family deserves the best.
  • Our Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally…

About CARA B Natural Products, Inc.
Co-founded in 2009 by Landra Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, and her sister Kristi Booker, CMO, this minority-owned business is committed to promoting positive images and messages for and about ethnically diverse children. CARA B Naturally is devoted to celebrating natural beauty and is eager to help foster healthier attitudes about how kids view themselves. From the Company mission and all-natural product formulations, to the high customer service standards and charitablegiving program - everything at CARA B Natural Products, Inc. is based on thebelief that Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally®.  

CARA B Naturally currently offers four Certified Natural personal care products for children of ethnically diverse backgrounds. The Company plans to expand its product offerings in the coming months.
• Shampoo / Body Wash – A clinically tested, tear-free formula that includes vitamin E and aloe to moisturize and soothe, while imparting a rich cleansing lather and calming all-natural chamomile fragrance. 
• Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer - Designed for use immediately after shampooing to improve manageability and for use every day as a light, non-greasy, and gentle moisturizer. Jojoba oil and Shea butter leave hair feeling noticeably soft.

• Moisturizing Hair Mist – Imparts a light shine to the hair while also improving manageability. Jojoba oil increases moisture, while sweet almond oil leaves behind a light, healthy shine without any greasy residue.
• Body Lotion - Moisturizes and soothes delicate skin with an all-natural formula of Shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, andaloe. Clinically tested, allergen-free, and eczema-friendly, this light, non-greasy moisturizer leaves the skin feeling soft, with the delicately sweet scent of an all-natural chamomile fragrance.

CARA B Naturally is available at the Company’s website, select Whole Foods Market locations and several independent natural retailers nationwide.  In January 2012, CARA B Naturally successfully launched atest in both Target and CVS stores across the country. The brand will also debut in select Walgreens' stores in August of this year. To learn more about CARA B Natural Products, Inc. please visit

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