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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Adventures of Mighty Bug!

 Written and directed by Jon Ludwig
2012-13 Family Series

Jan 31 - Mar 17, 2013
Previews: Jan 29 & 30 - 10am & 11:30am
Mainstage Theater
Recommended for ages 4+

•Tues-Fri: 10am & 11:30am
•Sat: 12pm & 2pm
•Sun: 1pm & 3pm

Welcome to Bugville, a jumpin’ little insect community that swings to the Bugville Boogie and the sweet sounds of WBUG Radio star Morpha Butterfly. Watching over the insect citizens is the one and only Mighty Bug, a superhero with super strength, smelling, hearing, and flying abilities. But Mighty Bug isn’t the only arthropod with an eye on Bugville. The evil arachnid Scorpiana has assembled a group to attack the town.  Can Mighty Bug defeat the evil Scorpiana and save Bugville? Find out in this science-filled comic book style adventure!

Puppetry Style:

Body, Shadow, Rod

Create-A-Puppet Workshop:
Make your own Lightning Bug Rod & String Puppet!


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