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Friday, September 13, 2013

Mighty Wings are back in Greater Atlanta area McDonald’s restaurants!

     Last year Atlanta was the only market in the U.S. that tested Mighty Wings. Mighty Wings are crispy, crunchy, spicy, bone-in chicken wings that are big and meaty. My husband and boys were thrilled about the various sauces that included: Creamy Ranch, Spicy Buffalo and Tangy BarBeQue.

      If you missed the delicious taste of Mighty Wings, then have no fear because they are back in Greater Atlanta area McDonald’s restaurants! Mighty Wings provide a way to satisfy your chicken cravings, whether you prefer sauce or no sauce, eating solo or with friends. 

·        Mighty Wings are available in three, five and 10 piece options that can be enjoyed by themselves or paired with fries and a beverage as part of an extra value meal.

·        Mighty Wings are a big hit with any crowd! The price is very reasonable too, and available in all Atlanta area McDonald’s restaurants for a suggested starting price of $2.99. 
Nutrition Information at McDonalds
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