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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Check Out Sonic Sensation at The Children's Museum of Atlanta! (Photos) @ImagineItCMA
Saturday, February 15, 2014 Through Sunday, June 1, 2014

Listen up and sound off on a multi-sensory adventure! Your kids will be all ears during this highly engaging exhibit that offers a fun and informative opportunity for visitors to experience the sonic world and sensation of being surrounded by everyday sounds. My boys had a blast visiting the Sonic Sensation exhibit at the Children's Museum of Atlanta today!

Sonic Sensation features a variety of interactive, hands-on activities for children to see, feel and hear sound. Visitors can experiment with pitch, test their listening skills, create a movie soundtrack and much more.  As your kids engage with multiple learning stations throughout the exhibit, they will discover key listening skills through the science of sound and hearing.
Ear This!
Put your best face forward. How do you look with the ears of an elephant? How bout a bat? Fun family photo op!!
The Scream Chamber
Step into a soundproof chamber and let out a roar! A partner reads the decibel meter on the outside. Compare your decibels to other animal sounds on a chart. Are you as loud as a howler monkey? The competition gets fierce and funny!
The Seeing Sound
Adjust frequency (speed with which a repetitive sound wave repeats itself) and amplitude (the height of a sound wave) knobs to drive the big speakers at each end of a clear tube. Watch the contents of the tube "dance" in all kinds of interesting patterns.
The Invisible Orchestra
Wave your hands in the air and dance on a carpet to play notes. A camera overhead shows you on the monitor. Move your hands and feet to the motion-sensing zones to play different sounds. Make several zones sound at once!
The Hearing Test
Listen to different pitches. What frequencies can you hear with your right ear? Left ear? Record your results on a chart.
How Do We Hear?
What's inside your ear? Find out with this large-scale ear model. Launch a billiard ball to show how sound hitting our eardrums sends signals to our brain.
Critters in the Cupboard
Hide the "cat" or "cricket" in a kitchen cupboard and ask a partner to find it by listening only - no peeking!
Measuring Sounds
Tap a xylophone to try different notes. The display will show you their frequencies.

For more information about this great exibit, please visit:

Sonic Sensation was created by Sciencenter of Ithaca, New York.

Sonic Sensation is presented in Atlanta by Ford Motor Company Fund and Kaiser Permanente. Major funding for the Museum is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of Fulton County Arts and Culture.  Printing Courtesy of Primerica and Ernst & Young.

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