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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vote to Re-Elect John Eaves Fulton County Chairman in the May 20th Primary Election #Eaves4Fulton 

Vote to Re-Elect John Eaves for Fulton County Chairman.  John stood up for Grady Hospital when no one else would, and because of his leadership the hospital remains a pillar of the community and chief caregiver for working class people across metro Atlanta.

This Tuesday, Join me in voting for Chairman John Eaves.
 - Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery
John is committed to creating jobs and growing the economy. That's why he crated an economic development department and fount for opportunities for small businesses and minority contractors.

As a professor, education is a lifelong passion for John. He has expanded mentoring and cultural programs that keep youth out of trouble and prepare them to success in the global economy.

John launched the SMART Justice Advisory Council, conveing local and state law enforencement and community leaders to reduce recidivism and help motivate inmates reclaim their lives.

John has fought for transparency and fairness at Fulton County  being elected. When the recession hit, he cut government spending in a fair and equitable manner, without jeopardizing public safety or basic services.
Your Vote Matters!

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