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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Free Health Expo with Dr. Oz

A couple of years ago I got the chance to hang out with Dr. Oz. Now, we all have the chance to hang out with him! Let's get fit together and learn more about personal health. USANA Presents: Bringing Healthy Back with Dr. Oz  Date: Saturday, September 13, 2014.

Location: Hilton Atlanta, 255 Courtland Street, NE. Please select the events you would like to participate in. You may register for all three.  

Dr. Oz’s 90 Minutes to a Healthier You - Join Dr. Oz and an all-star roster of speakers on the big stage for entertainment, information and high-octane energy!  Learn the latest in health, nutrition, fitness and how to live The Good Life from Dr. Oz himself.  

Dr. Oz’s Atlanta 15 Minute Physical: a team of medical professionals from Piedmont hospital will give registrants a quick series of screening tests that include a lipid panel (HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides), and blood glucose made possible on the Alere Cholestech LDX® System, a rapidly reading mobile lab device. In addition, registrants will have their blood pressure and waist size measured. By linking these five important markers, a very basic idea of general risk for heart disease and diabetes can be determined.  

Dr. Oz’s Heartburn Help Clinic: If you suffer from occasional or chronic heartburn, help is here at our clinic. Our gastrointestinal specialists are on hand for on-site diagnostics, referrals and other resources.  Plus, you can attend a 40 minute presentation, “War on Heartburn Town Hall Meeting” to learn about heartburn symptoms and how to treat it. NOTE: Participation in the 15 Minute Physical and Heartburn Help Clinic require that you answer a set of personal health questions. Please allow 15 minutes to complete the questions. Questions about your reservation?  

Email our Reservation Team

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