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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Go Green Team: We Recycle Helps Encourage Kids to Care for the Environment

Ison-Herr Industries, Inc., a premier large-scale recycling company based in Atlanta servicing some of the largest companies in the US, teamed up with the McBride Collection of Stories to write a children’s book about encouraging the younger generation to recycle. The Go Green Team: We Recycle, published in full-color paperback, gives kids ideas on how they can recycle and ways to encourage others to do so. 
 “Our work entails us recycling everything from used tractor trailers to heavy machinery, preventing this outdated equipment from ending up in landfills,” said Robyn Ison, partner at Ison-Herr Industries, Inc. “We know it’s our responsibility to protect our environment, but not everyone thinks it’s a cool of a job as we do. This book is our way of inspiring the younger generation to be willing and excited stewards for the environment.”
The book, now available on, retails for $10.99 and is written for children ages 4 to 12. Thirty-five pages in length, the book features colorful illustrations with unique characters that will appeal to kids. For more information, visit
About Ison-Herr Industries, Inc.
Ison-Herr Industries, Inc. is a family owned and operated recycling company based in Atlanta.  Specializing in scrap metal brokering, Ison-Herr Industries, Inc., working with some of the largest companies in the US like Publix and Kroger, recovers over 1,000,000 pounds a month of nonferrous metals and 1-2,000 tons a month of cut scrap. Their new book, The Go Green Team: We Recycle, written to educate children about recycling, is now available on Amazon.

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