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Monday, July 20, 2015

Wholly Pops Are a Sweet Treat for the Entire Family!

This week my family and I tried Wholly Pops. "What are Wholly Pops?" you ask. 

Wholly Pops are 100% gluten free popsicles, and they don't have any artificial colors, flavors, stabilizers, preservatives, or fillers. 

My boys fell in love with the first bite of these dairy free, sugar free, egg free, Paleo pops! (Paleo is a lifestyle in which you only eat things that can be found in nature.)
As voted: Pumpkin Paleo Cheesecake! Get some this weekend!
Compared to other pops in supermarket freezer shelves that have 70-100 calories per serving. Wholly Pops are proud to say that their lowest calorie come in at 34 calories. They get the produce direct from the farms and in less time than it takes for them to be placed on a grocery store shelf. Because they use produce that has been freshly picked, they hardly ever need to use sweeteners. Only the fructose naturally occurring in the fruits and vegetables.

At 6 months and older, you can feed your baby Wholly Pops made of fruits or vegetables you’ve already given your baby that showed no allergic reaction. The fellas in my household love these delicious popsicles!  

Red, white and blue pop! So much goodness! Read the details here:

What I especially love about these popsicles are that they are made with love and in Georgia. Learn more about these yummy Georgia Grown popsicles here:



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