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Monday, February 15, 2016

Courage Is Of The Heart #PiedmontGoesRed #GoRed #Spon

If I told you that I wasn't nervous on my way to Piedmont Health for my Heart Screening, that would've been a total lie. Like most women, I carry the stress of not just the day to day responsibilities for myself, family, and job, but the even greater weight our hopes, future, and dreams. I also advocate for the rights of a women and underserved populations in the community.

The health of our hearts is vital to the heath of our love and courage.

This is why I went to get screened.

Each year, heart disease claims the lives of more women than breast cancer and lung cancer combined.

Women tend to think that breast cancer is their biggest health threat. And while it's important, heart disease remains the No. 1 killer of women, even young women. 

When I entered the halls of Piedmont Heart, my mind and heart were instantly put to ease. The process was practically effortless and the staff was extremely gracious and caring. They created a comfortable atmosphere. The nurse administered my blood work, the EKG was straight forward, and I received the results right away.   

I have a healthy heart! So I guess it's time to the push the pedal to the metal?.. Not so fast!

The doctor came in and spoke with me at length about the test results. We discussed and I learned about the importance of maintaining a healthy heart, appropriate lifestyle choices, and getting regular heart screenings. 

The symptoms and risk factors of heart disease often go unnoticed, sometimes even by doctors. We also reviewed the difference between good vs bad cholesterol, as well as cholesterol screening recommendations.Heart disease is a really serious problem here in the United States, especially for women. It is the number one killer. The really good news is we have a lot of control over that because heart disease can be preventable,” said Jyoti Sharma, M.D., a cardiologist at Piedmont Heart Institute.

Sometimes we are the last ones to think of ourselves; especially of our own well being. We get so wrapped up in the daily grind that we forget to check on the very source that makes us go. If we are to continue to give energy, support, and be pillars of strength for our loved ones, we must get screened.

It's only $100 and well worth the price of love. For more information, please phone (404) 471-3294.

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