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Friday, May 06, 2011

Cheers to Moms on Mother's Day!

I consider myself a pretty classy and simple mom, with a Type A personality. I absolutely love wearing dresses, suits, and pearls. When going to the park or taking trips to spend time with family (down in Alabama's red clay), I throw on a pair of not too tight jeans.

My girlfriends all have different expectations on Mother's Day. Some like to be lavished with expensive gifts, others enjoy being pampered, and several wish to simply be left alone.

I love spending time with my husband and kids on Mother's Day. There's an unspoken rule in our house on mommy's special day: I sleep in, enjoy breakfast in bed, and am relieved of any housework. The day is all mine to enjoy my children and have them acknowledge that mommy brought them into this world!

Mother's Day is my second birthday. I also married a man who is easy in his ways and predictable in his gift giving. He admits though to needing help in the gift-giving department. So much so, that I started sending him gift ideas via email with the subject heading, "Things Mommy Loves." Ladies, test the waters, because I find that these emails work! On my list this year is a handbag, and really cute flats.

I don't want my hubby to break the bank either, on my special day. A 5-star restaurant is not needed. A place that is kid friendly, nice, and affordable is preferred. I like to be with my fellas and have them love on me just a little bit more than they already do. That's a lot of lovin!

No matter how you choose to spend Mother’s Day, remember to give respect and honor to the blessings and joyful experience of motherhood. Cheers to Moms!
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