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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Smart Thinking Lifestyle Tips for Working Moms

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As a newly-minted mother of two young boys, it's been a challenge finding ways to balance work and motherhood. Not to mention not too long ago, juggling working full-time, motherhood and breastfeeding. My experience is similar to millions of other professional women. Throughout my life, I have been strongly committed to pursuing professional goals and a career.

Instead of beating myself up about trying to be "Super Mom," I decided early on that I was going to be the best Mom that I can be and continue to strive for my professional goals. Thankfully I have two great role models, my Mom and Mother-In-Law to look to for advice.

It can be tough juggling all of these "balls that are in our court." For instance, it's hard getting my kids ready in the morning and not to mention myself. Last week, I walked into work wearing a black dress and navy tights. (That's what happens when you get dressed in the dark!) To fix this problem from happening again, my husband and I have agreed to help get one child dressed in the morning. This way I can spend a little more time getting ready.

Although my mishap wasn't as bad as my colleagues (another full-time working mom), who came into work wearing two different shoes. I gave her a big hug and we both laughed, because things like that happens to all of us, moms. When thinking about smart lifestyle tips for working moms that help us stay sane and not insane, I came up with a list of ways to make work, work for you!

Smart Thinking Lifestyle Tips for Working Moms

  • A desire for a career does not make you a bad mother, nor does a desire for work/life balance make you a bad employee.
  • Be proactive and creative. Many supervisors are open to considering creative solutions when they are presented, but will not be so conscious as to offer them unasked.
  • Ask your supervisor about the possibility of telecommuting, working a compressed workweek, or job sharing.
  • Ask your family and friends for help. If you need a break, then don't be "too proud" to ask for assistance. All of us need "me time."
  • Personalize your office space with photos.
  • Take the annoying things off your to-do list first, before going to lunch.
  • If you have a partner, ask them for their help and unconditional support.
  • Find a community of mothers who also work outside the home. So much mom support is based on the stay-at-home crowd, and while some of our issues are the same, some are very different.
  • Raising children only comes once in a lifetime.

Every day moms are juggling this great balancing act: work and motherhood. Some moms think that they don't have this balancing act down pact. For those that are thinking just that, I'd suggest that you take the pressure off your shoulders and try to relax. Truthfully, you're doing the best that you can!

Cheers to Moms!

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  1. Great post! I'm a working mom, too, and it does get hard sometimes. You are right about having a supportive partner -- it makes all the difference in the world!

    I found your post by searching for the #clevertervis tag on Twitter. Hope you will stop by and check out my post, too!

  2. No matter whether you work in an office or work at home (like I do), you're going to have some mishaps.
    I think it's also important to surround yourself with positive girlfriends & mommy friends who give you love and NO JUDGEMENT!
    That's why I like running into you Sojourner. You have a wonderful, loving spirit. I'm sure your hubby and the boys appreciate it!

  3. Thanks Joyce! I feel the same way about you too! I appreciate your comment!

  4. Work-life balance is the trickiest thing to manage; thank you for bringing this topic to light. While reading this, I thought about my Johnnie and how I dress him each morning and brush his teeth while he sleeps; I'm giving him time to adjust to his new life with school but think about how much extra time I'll have when he gets going on his own in the morning. :) I work in HR and we have flex schedule options; I love it—9 hour days but one day off every other week is amazing to have.