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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Attention Yogurt Yoplait Lovers Everywhere! #MyBlogSpark

Attention Yogurt lovers everywhere, it's time to celebrate! Now the goodness you've come to expect from Yoplait Yogurt is avialable in the frozen aisle. We’ve taken popular, natural yogurt flavors, and transformed them into Yoplait Original and Greek Frozen Yogurt Pints and Bars. That’s four more ways to enjoy the low-fat taste and rewarding benefits of Yoplait yogurt.

The new Greek flavors also contain at least five grams of protein per serving, which is twice as much as regular frozen yogurt. It’s all the benefits of Yoplait yogurt in a cool and rewarding way.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about these exciting new flavors on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclosure: The information, products and Yoplait gift pack were provided by Yoplait through MyBlogSpark.

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