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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Learn More about SHE Enterprises #GlobalTeamof200

Learn how a maxi-pad can keep women working, girls in school, and drive economic growth

Did you know girls have to miss a week of school every month because of their period? Girls in developing countries desperately need access to menstrual pads and our new partner, SHE Enterprises, is providing them to thousands of girls in need.

SHE has developed an patent-pending, low-cost, and eco-friendly menstrual pad, the SHE LaunchPad, that makes an absorbent core (the highest material cost driver) for pads from agro-waste (i.e, banana fibers) without using any chemicals or super absorbent polymers. The SHE28 campaign launched in Rwanda in 2009, and girls and women, will now have access to a menstrual product that will be priced at 5 cents/pad.

There are 4 great ways you can get involved:
  1. Give $28. Support SHE.
  2. Break the silence and go viral — share the SHE28 campaign video with everyone you know!
  3. Get the word out – tell your friends to support SHE on Twitter – donate your voice (link to Thunderclap)
  4. Follow SHE on its website and blog or find them on Twitter and Facebook.
Better sanitary protection, PERIOD. Girls and women in developing countries can miss school and/or work--up to 50 days--because they don't have access to affordable sanitary pads. SHE is increasing girls' and women's access to affordable sanitary pads through sustainable businesses. Join us now!

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