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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

African Diaspora World Tourism Awards & Travel Expo

African Diaspora World Tourism Awards & Travel Expo

                        2013 Campaign Launch!
               Please Support us with In-Kind Donations
        for Trophies, Plaques and "Hall of Fame" Book

Help us to honor those who have dedicated their lives to preparing, preserving and promoting the culture and heritage of people of African descent around the world. These leaders are heroes who have worked tirelessly to lift up humanity. Won't you help us to lift them up. They are so deserving of rewards, recognition and honor. Show the world that you appreciate what they have done, and show them some love in return for their services.   
                             Please Donate Now!
(You will have the opportunity to have your name listed as a patron in the Hall of Fame Book!)

We want to honor these heroes with nice plaques, trophies and a Hall of Fame book on "Who's Who" in Black cultural tourism. This book will go in libraries, museums, cultural centers and venues related to cultural heritage and tourism. Help to educate communities around the world about these great leaders! 

Thanks for your donations.
   You have helped us to preserve history!
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For information the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards and Travel Expo, visit

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