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Saturday, January 01, 2011


They say these women are the finest of fine.
They say these women shine all of the time.
They say these women promise to implement,
"Service to All Mankind."
And that their Guiding Spirit had an incredible mind.

It was the 15th of January in 1908.
That would set the foundation of a breath taking date.
That no one can ever duplicate.

People get ready there's a train a comin
It's boarded by sorors of "Sweet" Alpha Pi

If you close your eyes and remember that day.
When you were crowned with ivies and were the viewers display.
At an Intake that was especially for you.
Bounded with women who had the same dreams and goals that you had too.
Who wanted to "Blaze New Trails" with the Guiding Spirits advice.
Listening to the time you were pinned, making sure it was precise.

All aboard, all aboard, all aboard.
The train is a movin come and get on board.
Like my grandmother, I too realized the vision.
Entering college understanding my intuition,
That without the ivy there would be no other decision.
And my sister told me to study and choose from what I saw,
But by no hatred on any other sorority
AKA was best by far.
No other sorority could compare,
From the twenty pearls
To Slowe's 1st Presidential air.

In 1908
When Black Americans economically rose
Our Founders linked elbows.

And formed Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated
With the up most prestige.
Developing five target tasks so the world knew exactly what we mean.
Making sure those also knew about the lovely salmon pink and apple green.
Reaching 10 regions, creating sisterhood worldwide,
Soror Lyle is touching each of us with her smile.

To be a lady of distinction and grace
You have to poses love, scholarship and pride
AKA, AKA, AKA, the train is a moving come and get on board.

- Sojourner Ruth, Spring 1999

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