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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Lost 70 lbs in One Year: Losing Baby Weight

I weighed 211 lbs, after giving birth to our first son.  I wasn't happy with my weight and decided to do something about it.  I consulted  Kimberly Isom Moore, a certified personal trainer, and was given sound advice on how to get my body back into shape after having a baby.

Kimberly's Tips:

- Commit to at least two or three days of cardio and resistance training per week.
- Clean out those cabinets for healthy food and snacks.
- Exercise and eating healthy goes hand and hand, to shed those unwanted pounds.  Eating healthy lends itself to some very tasty options.  There are several ways to substitute bad ingredients for good ones, to whip up a very tasty dish.
- Always remember to read food labels and stay away from the processed items which contain high sugar and sodium.
- Remember to drink plenty of water!

Kimberly's tips were so helpful, that I developed tips on bringing and keeping my weight down. These simple tips did wonders for my body, after both of my pregnancies.

Sojourner's Tips:

- While on maternity leave, I exercised a few times per week by pushing the stroller around the neighborhood. This allowed my son and I to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air, it also helped me lose the extra pounds.
- I developed a workout routine with my Mother-in-Law and husband's Grandmother.  Sweating to the oldies is a lot of fun!
- Holding my newborn in my arms, I danced and exercised in the living room.  The weight of my dancing partner really toned my arm muscles.
- I choose the stairs, instead of the elevator.
- In order to burn off more calories, I parked my car further away from the entrance.
- While brushing my teeth, I did high knees to help tone the abs.  I thank my Aunt Phyllis for this tip.  It really works!

Remember, if you stay positive, focused, and determined, you'll reach your ideal weight goal sooner than later.  Just be patient, and in no time, you'll see a big difference in your appearance and attitude.


  1. explain how to do high knee's. I have had 2 surgeries in one year & have been not able to exercise. Now I have been release & my tummy looks big & no muscle tone. I enjoyed you blog & thanks for sharing.

  2. High Knee's - Lifting your knees all the way up to your chest. Keep doing it over and over again. Keep me posted on your progress!