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Friday, June 03, 2011

Is Your Pediatrician Always Right?

Our sons really like going to the doctor, and I think this is a great. The last thing I need is our children being afraid to see a man or woman in a white coat with a stethoscope. Maybe it’s the free coloring books that they receive when we visit, or the Spiderman band-aids.

In the nearly 4 years that we have been taking our children to their pediatrician, I've only questioned his findings a couple of times. Usually, his advice is taken at face value, because of his medical experience. As much as I trust my children’s pediatrician, I also use my mother whit and Google for backup.

Entering the doctor's office, I always have my trusty yellow sticky note (in order to reference) with a detailed list of questions. My husband tells me I'm showing my cards too early, and to wait for their diagnoses. I will continue to question what I hear from doctors, just to make sure I can comprehend their findings, and that they acknowledge my concerns. I think too often that people either don't go to the doctor, or ignore warning signs.

For the most part, I give a lot of credit to doctors and usually think their diagnoses are correct. I believe that sometimes they make mistakes, but overall I put my trust and my children's lives safely in their hands.

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