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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Ford Motor Company: Demonstrating Intelligent Vehicle (IV) Technology Event

Wouldn't it be great if cars could "talk to each other" to avoid accidents? Today Ford Motor Company offered future safety technology demonstrations featuring Intelligent Vehicle (IV) technology, at Atlantic Station.

Ford is in a partnership with the US DOT and other auto companies to develop the technology, but Ford is the first company to have prototype vehicles. IV technology uses advanced Wi-Fi to warn the driver impending danger.
For example:
  • You're in traffic. The car that is 2 vehicles in front of you brakes, but the fellow immediately in front of you doesn’t. Intelligent vehicle technology warns you with an audible beep and flashing red lights reflected on the windshield. You avoid rear-ending the guy ahead of you.
  • You stop at a traffic light…your light turns green, you look and begin to pull out…but a car that was obscured suddenly runs the stop light on a course to collide with you. You are warned (as above) with sufficient time to stop and avoid collision.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi can combine with GPS systems via smart phones to help drivers avoid congested areas and find an alternate route.
I rode with the demonstrators, including Mike Shulman, Ford’s Global Driver Assistance and Active Safety technical leader, who explained the technology during the demonstration. This is technology that all manufacturers will be pursuing from the encouragement of USDOT.
This technology is real, and it's fascinating to observe. I'm thrilled that I had the opportunity to participate and attend this event. I'm excited about the great work that Ford is doing to protect drivers and passengers. This vehicle-to-vehicle technology should be on the road in the next 5 to 10 years.

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