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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ford Escape and Busy Travel Season - Memorial Day!

 From our Friends @Ford 

Memorial Day markets the start of a busy travel season here in the East. As thousands prepare to head to our region’s beautiful beaches and travel destinations, travelers should anticipate paying high prices as the fuel pump. Here in the East, fuel economy is the number one purchase consideration of those shopping for a new vehicle. 

With this in mind, Ford engineers have been dedicated to crafting vehicles that maximize fuel efficiency and dependability and more so than every before, dealers across the country are excited about the fuel efficient line-up that they are bringing to their customers. From our innovative Focus Electric to our all-new 2013 Escape, we know consumers will like what Ford has to offer. The all new Ford Escape, which hits the road this year, is the smarter utility vehicle. It brings America’s SUV-loving customers the versatility they crave, the technologies they desire and the highway fuel economy that, until now, they’ve only dreamed of – all wrapped in a modern design.

Did you know…

·         The all new 2013 Escape’s carpet is made from 25 recycled 20-ounce plastic bottles
·         The dash insulation contains more than 10 pounds of scrap cotton from jeans, sweaters and T-shirts
·         The seats and head rests contain 5% soy foam
·         Many other parts contain 100% recycled plastics, or 100% recycled tires

·         Ford’s next-generation Escape sport utility vehicle will offer the broadest reach yet of EcoBoost, with two EcoBoost engines available (2.0 and 1.6 liter)

·         Side airbags deploy lower in the pelvis area in addition to the chest, and incorporate new venting technology. The class exclusive adaptive vent in the side airbag takes into account the size of the occupant and varies the pressure so a smaller occupant gets a lower pressure.

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