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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mother’s Day Makeover Party by Plā Beauty! @plabeauty @Woo_Atlanta

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I'm attending a Mother’s Day Makeover Party today sponsored by Plā Beauty, an environmentally-friendly makeup line that inspires beauty inside and out by supporting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. It's going to be held at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics in the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center! 

Blog post just updated, check out our photos below!

Makeup Artist, Ayan

Speaking of makeovers! Did you know Hope and Will have a new look? The colorful boy and girl characters of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta logo stand as symbols of the hopeful attitude and strong will of our patients, families and staff. They have served as an unchanging symbol for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta since their introduction in September 1999. It was time for the pair to grow.
Hope and Will 
Aside from Hope's new adorable ponytail, you may not even really notice the changes.
  • Their colors are the same,continuing to represent every child we treat. 
  • Their hands and smiles will stay out stretched and big, welcoming you as a friend. 
  • They are also still holding hands,showing the unity and care of our employees.
Hope and Will have grown up, as kids do. And just like Hope and Will, Children’s will continue to grow to provide your family with the best care. It's what Dedicated to All Better means.


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