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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mars Needs Moms - Movie Premier!

Attended Mars Needs Moms movie premiere with our oldest son, Roland. We had such a great time at the event! Roland left the movie holding my hand and telling me how much he loved me! Two Thumbs Up Disney!

The concept of the movie is classic Disney and has a wonderful storyline. The movie is about a young boy named Milo who gains a greater appreciation for his mom after Martians come to Earth and take her away.

Milo learns the "love thing" really fast and the theme throughout the film is to cherish, appreciate and love your mom.

After the movie, we were treated to chocolate covered Rice Krispies at Kilwin's. Some of the items in our goodie bag included: T-shirt, Mars Needs Moms tattoo stickers, and Carol's Daughter lip balm. Celebrity moms in the building: Tameka Raymond, Kandi and Terri J Vaughn.

Cheers to Moms! 

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