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Monday, March 21, 2011

"Yes Ma'am, No Sir”: Teaching Children Manners

I didn't grow up in the South, but was raised by a southern mom and dad whose roots sprouted from the South.  The moral values of respect, compassion, dining etiquette, listening skills, service, etc. were taught to my siblings and me at a very early age.  There wasn't a question when my husband, also from the South, and I had children that they would refer to us as "Ma'am" and “Sir.”  We wouldn’t tolerate the "Yeah," "Huh," and "What." 

Everyone isn't a fan of using those responses, but we believe that it shows a sign of respect to your elders. To this day, I refer to people that are older than me in this manner.  I'm a firm believer that polite behavior will be rewarded.  These terms are as important as "Thank You," "Please," and "You're Welcome."  Instilling politeness and good manners at a young age are vital.

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