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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carol's Daughter & Solange promote the "Transitioning Movement"

Solange is showing her lovely natural hair in the new Carol's Daughter “Transitioning Movement” video. Solange has been wearing her natural hair for awhile now, and wants other black women to embrace their natural roots and let their soul glow, well minus the jheri curl juice. Read more here:

Read more about my own natural hair experience below...

I grew up wearing braids. I can remember running through sprinklers in Nashville, TN with two big plaits in my hair. In the fourth grade, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were all the rave, and my sister and I got jerry curls trying to emulate what was "in." The curl juice stained our pillowcases and the chemical took out our hair. My mom quickly put my sister and I back in braids.

Occasionally, my mom would press our hair to straighten it. The "kitchen," or what we called "the baby hairs" near the neck, would give me goose bumps when she tried to straighten them. The smell of any hot comb still makes me reminisce on sitting in the "hot seat" getting dolled up. I'd bite my lip hoping that mommy wouldn't burn my neck and leave a nasty scar. The image of beauty in my mind at a young age was straight hair that flowed in the wind.

Growing up my siblings and I moved from one university town to another, our parents are educators; which allowed us the opportunity to live in different cities throughout the U.S. The communities we lived in were fairly diverse, but on many occasions, there were very few Black kids in my class. We were the minority.

Read more here...

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