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Sunday, March 18, 2012

KIPP STRIVE Lottery Drawing...

I'm sure you could see the tear fall from the corner of my eye as our oldest son's name was called at the local charter school lottery drawing. I had waited since October to find out if he would be admitted, and little did I know that we would have to participate in a lottery drawing.

There were 259 applications received and only 107 spots. Our son's name was called and in slow motion I walked to the front of the room to greet the principal. She grabbed the microphone and said, "Mrs. Grimmett was the very first person to submit an application to KIPP STRIVE. She applied on January 1st at 1:23 a.m." Everyone cheered and applauded my efforts because instead of partying in New Year's Day I was filing out and submitting our son's application. It's my hope that our son will thrive at KIPP. I've envisioned his success there and am so happy that it's becoming a reality.

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