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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Georgia Tech Town Kickoff: Tech partners with Atlantic Station for the 2011 Football Season (Photos)

We had a blast today at the Georgia Tech Town Kickoff event at Atlantic Station. The boys had front row seats at the event and sang and cheered with the football team, cheerleaders, and band!

I haven't been this excited about college football since I was a graduate student at Penn State. The family fun event was fabulous!

I grew up in different college towns throughout the country and want to instill the same tradition in our young boys of being on college campuses (planting the seed early, folks). So, I like to take our boys to different college events throughout the city. If they decide to go out of state for college then that's fine, but I want them to know about all of the wonderful institutions we have in Atlanta and the South.

Joe Pa I love the Nittany Lions but this year I think I'm rooting for Tech!

Share these helpful college resources with family and friends:

<---- Look at that arm!

QB in the making!

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