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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting my Tummy from "Fat to Flat" with Dr. Oz (Video/Photos)

Dr. Oz is the only person who can motivate me to get up early in the morning to exercise. He has all sorts of routines to get you in the exercising mood, ranging from 7-minute exercise tips, 10-minute exercise ideas, and 20-minute workouts!

I'm up early this morning and heading over to Fox 5 Atlanta's studio to learn exercising tips from Dr. Oz for busy working moms. A couple of years ago, I gained 63 pounds while pregnant with our first child, Roland. I was committed to losing the weight and established a regular workout routine, and was able to lose 71 pounds in one year. I was grateful there was less weight gained with our second child, Joshua, because I was more conscious about what I ate.

I think it was destined for Dr. Oz, Tammy Stokes, owner of West Coast Workouts and I to meet at this stage in my life. I'm on a mission to stay healthy in order to live a long productive life. Diabetes and high blood pressure runs in my family, so I don't want that same fate to happen to me.
It's time for me to tackle this fat and continue on the path of staying healthy and getting fit! Although, I must admit that with a new job, two kids, hubby, housework, and volunteering I'm finding little to no time or energy to work-out.

My husband, Roland has been working out religiously for nearly two years. He looks better than he did when we first met in college. I've never been one to fixate on my weight. I believe with a healthy lifestyle and positive choices it can come off naturally.

I seem to gain my weight in my belly and my thighs. Dr. Oz had a segment recently on getting rid of belly fat. I'm going to ask him today to help me get rid of mine.

What do you want to ask Dr. Oz? What exercises do you enjoy? Share your story and tips here!
For photos from the shoot visit here! To watch the video visit here!

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