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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Working Out Smart: Active Intelligence

My twin brother, Joshua, has some sick abs. Washboard sick. His abs put Usher, Ochocinco, and David Beckham to shame. I’m so impressed with his innovative workout routine, healthy eating habits, and natural ability to stay focused and centered in the gym.

I decided to consult my twin on how he’s maintained being fit in hopes that I too will continue to stay focused on my quest to lose this extra baby weight (from the second child), and to help others gain some guidance from his workout philosophy. He highlights key points for people to think about while they’re working out.

(Q) What is Active Intelligence?

(A) In athletic training, our bodies gradually become accustomed to certain forms of repetitive exercise. Overtime, we eventually hit a wall. This is often referred to as a plateau. To break these performance barriers and take it to the next level, most people change up their routine, form, and technique. These alterations, although quite effective, are all superseded by the simplest method:

Being fully present in the moment, during training, is the most powerful way to increase athletic performance. Centered and focused with attention and interest, active intelligence is literally sewn into the physical atoms of the body. Strength, balance, coordination, and responsiveness are heightened, as well as adaptability to adverse situations. True alignment is attained by a sound mind, calm emotions, and willful body. This state of synthesis transfigures the form.

Thought is energy. We often waste this precious energy on needless thinking. Do not chase the mind when it runs rampant, for you will become easily fatigued. It is important to focus and steady the mind with conscious clarity when training. You will get much more out of the exercise. Time in the presence is time well spent.

Most of us are targets for the projections of the emotional instability of others. We often take on others’ trauma, as if it were our own. Leave these at the door. Hold reverence for your athletic training. Treat it like a sacred act. You are maintaining the body, which is the temple.

It is said that, “the real sun is as visible as the real man.” The body is merely a physical automaton, animated by our true self. It is a musical instrument in the hands of a formless musician. When a musician is in the zone, this is known as “the pocket.” We must exercise in “the pocket,” and vibe in the zone when we train. Don’t ever forget to “play.” One must exercise with the awareness of purposeful intent, from the perspective of the observer and the seat of the soul.

Joshua has been sculpting his physique for quite some time. I think Active Intelligence has to do with your focus, persistence, and attitude while working out. Watching shows like “Biggest Loser,” you can definitely see a difference in the teams that have a positive attitude before and after their workouts, opposed to those that automatically think they’re going to fail.

I lost 70 pounds in one year after having our first child, and I know it was my positive attitude that got me through those tough workouts and maintaining my weight and motivation.

Joshua Manning Marable is the creator of the innovative athletic program Ra Magna, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and a Laughter Yoga Group Leader. He is also a model for Wilhelmina, and sculpture model.

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