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Friday, July 15, 2011

To Plank or Not to Plank?

My husband and I missed a get-together last weekend that my friend hosted at her home. Curious about what took place at the event, she emailed me photos from the party. I skimmed through the pictures and came across party- goers planking. My immediate reaction was laughter. I could barely keep my composure looking at her photos. I couldn't believe that grown folks were participating in a trendy viral game.

If you haven't heard about this new craze called "planking," then I'll enlighten you on this subject. The planking game was created by Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon, who called it the “lying down game.” They later changed the name to“planking” and since then it has created an internet buzz across the globe.

This bizarre internet sensational craze is just that. People plank (lay down flat) on public random items and/or structures and post their planking photos online. Even celebrities - such as Rosario Dawson, who planked on Jimmy Kimmel's desk are doing it. Usher's two sons joined in the planking sensation and their TwitPic hit the web.

My immediate reaction to the idea of planking was funny, but then my mother instinct kicked in and I thought crazy. What if planking goes wrong? What if someone gets hurt trying to plank on an object that isn't plankable? After doing a little more research I discovered that a 20-year-old Aussie man planked on a hotel balcony and fell seven stories to his death. I can imagine that planking and alcohol wouldn't be a good mix. I can also imagine that we may see more deaths or severe injuries.

Therefore, you won't find me planking on anything but my bed. Maybe I'm just a worrywart being overly cautious. What do you think about this new planking craze? To plank of not to plank? Have you planked?

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