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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mommy & Son Day at Atlanta's High Museum of Art: Radcliffe Bailey Exhibition

(Our very own) Mommy & Son Day at Atlanta's High Museum of Art

I took our oldest son, Roland Jay to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta today. My colleague told me that I had to go see the Radcliffe Bailey exhibition. I'm a huge fan of mixed media and was so excited to learn about the exhibition. I was familiar with Bailey's work, but had never attended one of his exhibitions. After today, I'm a bigger fan of mixed media and so inspired to explore the medium myself.

Radcliffe Bailey: Memory as Medicine June 26 - September 11, 2011

Atlanta-based, internationally known artist Radcliffe Bailey explores American history and memory to encourage healing and transcendence through art. The exhibition features 37 works ranging from heroic to intimate scale, including installations, paintings, sculptures, mixed media, photos on metal, and works on paper.

HOME BODIES: Radcliffe Bailey’s “Seven Steps East”
Collection of John and Sue Wieland, Atlanta

Mommy & Son Lunch at Tamarind Seed

Learn more about Radcliffe Bailey and his current exhibition here.

* My husband, Roland and I like to spend individual time with our boys. Our oldest son, Roland Jay is 4 years old and is at a perfect age to start exploring what the city has to offer! I had a blast spending one-on-one time with him today. He is gaining an understanding and appreciation for art and design. In addition, he has great table manners!

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