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Friday, July 29, 2011

What Not To Wear in the Workplace: Featuring Pretty Girls who Rock Dresses

I'm a conservative dresser and believe that it's best to maintain your "interview attire" a couple of weeks after you've landed a new job. Believe me, you want to get your seat warm before you start testing the waters with your wardrobe. Not too long ago some companies mandated that women wear pantyhose with sandals to work. The rule of thumb for me is that if you don't work at Hooters or The Gentleman's Club, then you probably don't want to show cleavage on the job.

Tight Booty Jeans and over the Bra Cleavage are a “No Go” in the Workplace.

You do not want to shock your supervisor the second day on the job by wearing a mini shirt, and a purple push-up bra reveling your weekend tan-line cleavage. That kind of outfit would have you in the Human Resources Department in a flash. Don't test the waters.

Susan M. Heathfield writes for suggests, "Clothing that reveals too much cleavage, your back, your chest, your feet, your stomach or your underwear is not appropriate for a place of business." Most companies have dress code policy's and mandate that their employees follow the dress code.

Dearroka Winfrey, from, runs a website where women from around the world share their best dressed work attire. There are over 1,000 photos of women in everyday wear from Target to Prada. Dearroka shared several photos of women who have a clear sense of style in their daily wear.

"Jean Day" at work doesn't mean your tightest pair either. Below are a couple of items not to wear to work:

1. Tight jeans
2. Low cut tops
3. Short Shorts
4. Flip-Flops
5. Short skirts and dresses

Put that miniskirt back in the closet. The rule of thumb for me is that if you're standing up straight with your arms on your side and your fingertips don't touch the hem on your skirt, then your skirt is too short. Save it for the club. I like to select my clothes several days or the night before, because I don't have time to get the kids ready for school and choose a suitable outfit in the morning.

Kim N Carswell, Chief Brand Strategist from Persona Affairs states, "Unfortunately many women unwittingly compromise their professional brand credibility by making costly missteps in following fashion trends, which ultimately sabotage opportunities for career advancement."

It's fine to have a unique sense of style. I admire people who are able to mix different patterns and colors together, but office attire needs to remain professional and not sexy.

About Dearroka Winfrey: The girl who was always in search of a RIGHTEOUS cause or person to support has now found a cause and her very OWN righteous movement. Her mission is empowering women and girls to do better by embracing femininity. Feel free to email her at: if you have any questions.

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