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Monday, July 11, 2011

Boys are Pretty Darn Cute Too!

For a couple of weeks I have wanted get into the fashion of our little PGRDress Stars. I posted a request on Facebook asking all of the pretty mamas to share pics, tips, and anything that is related to little girls.

My good friend Sojourner of  Married with Two Boyspretty little dapper fellas suggested that we highlight

As she was sending her suggestion the idea had formulated in my mind. We should celebrate our little pretty boys as much as we celebrate our pretty little girls. I thank God for my team because we are always in sync. 


  1. Hi Sojourner!

    I love the image of the little boy sitting on the basketball reading. Does this picture have a name or is this a family photo? I'm looking for prints for my son's room. He's a little pretty boy too!

  2. I think it may be a print. I couldn't find it online. I got it from Pretty Girls Rock Dresses site. You can always email her too!