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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tweet "Justice for Little People" : Casey Anthony "Not Guilty" Verdict

Today at work I became teary-eyed and emotional as I learned about the Casey Anthony "not guilty" verdict. I immediately went into a state of disbelief and became sad all over again about the senseless death of Caylee Marie Anthony (August 9, 2005 – c. June 16, 2008). 

For the last three years millions of Americans have been fixated on the Casey Anthony trial and glued to the television anticipating whether or not she would be found "guilty" or "not guilty" for the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie.

Justice for Little People: Casey Anthony Verdict

Today the jury panel of seven women and five men acquitted Casey Anthony of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child. (Sentencing for misdemeanor charges of giving false information is set for Thursday.)

Did Casey Anthony get a slap on the wrist for covering up the murder of her child? Or was there not enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony of murdering her little girl?

Celebrities React on Twitter to the Casey Anthony "Not Guilty" Verdict

(Holly Robinson Peete): "I am numb...but like I said on the wheels of justice have turned... #caseyanthonyverdict"

Kim Kardashian: "What!!!???!!! Casey Anthony found not guilty! I am speechless!"
Whether Casey Anthony is truly innocent or guilty there seems to be no justice for little people. Every child deserves a happy and safe childhood. The fact is that there is a child who lost her life either by the hands of her mother or by someone else.

How did you react to the verdict?

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