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Thursday, July 28, 2011

200,000 Diaper Donation from Huggies to the Atlanta Community Food Bank

Yesterday I went to visit the Atlanta Community Food Bank and shared with them in their extreme joy of receiving an amazing donation of 200,000 Huggies diapers.

It was wonderful to participate in such a great event, which will help parents in need of diapers across the state. I also really enjoyed touring the Atlanta Community Food Bank and learning more about the organization.

The Diaper Need Across the Country from Huggies’ Every Little Bottom Study found the following stats:

• 1 in 3 American mothers struggle to provide diapers for their babies. These mothers have had to cut back on basics such as food, utilities like heat or electricity, or even child care in order to provide enough diapers.

• One-third of moms struggling with diaper need run out of clean diapers monthly or more often.

• Babies may be kept in wet, dirty diapers for extended periods of time or, in more extreme cases, made to wear used diapers which have been cleaned or dried out.

• Babies in diaper need are more likely to show signs of irritation and discomfort, cry or suffer more from diaper rash when they cannot be changed than babies who are not living in diaper need.

• Nearly one in four mothers struggling with diaper need have missed work or school, stayed at home when they needed to go out, or kept their babies out of daycare because they did not have enough diapers.

• Forty-three percent of mothers struggling with diaper need say they need 14 or more extra diapers per week to feel they have enough.

The Huggies® Every Little Bottom Study was conducted amongst 1,513 mothers in the U.S. with babies in diapers ages 0-4 years old.

About the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB): Founded in 1979, the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) currently distributes nearly two million pounds of food and other donated grocery items each month to more than 700 nonprofit partner agencies in 38 counties in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

More than 15,000 people volunteer each year at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Individuals and groups up to 25 people (ages 8 and up) can sign up to volunteer.

For more information and to volunteer please visit:


  1. What a wonderful event! I hate that I couldn't make it! Looking forward to the next one ...

    Winks & Smiles,

  2. Don't worry I represented for us both! See you soon!