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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Family Reunions

This summer will be different without my Dad, who passed away three months ago. Every summer, after the age of 15, my siblings and I would visit him on the Upper West Side in New York City. We'd hang out at Columbia, attend Broadway shows, visit museums, marvel at the windows in Macy's Flagship store at Herald Square, purchase mixed CD's in Harlem, and hop on the train that would take us to different parts of the city. I remember the unique smells of the city, very different from Boulder. It just seems like yesterday, sitting on a bench, munching on some fresh warm peanuts while being entertained by the very talented street performers.

What I realize now is that summers are a good time to create traditions. Later, we would visit my Dad in Martha's Vineyard, walk on the Ink Well and bike around Oak Bluffs. I loved spending time on the Vineyard and soaking up the sites and sounds of nature. I especially enjoyed being with him.

This summer we're going to continue making memories and traditions in our family. Road trip plans are already in the works, our two boys are under the age of four so, at their ages it's easier to pack everyone and everything in a car than it is on a plane. We've started a family tradition in our family, and that's attending family reunions. It's tough planning these gatherings, but once they're planned and underway it's a great time.
Family reunions are also a great time to learn more about one's history. In our family, it's a tradition that older generations pass down stories, photos and memorabilia. Do you have family traditions? If so, what are your traditions? When was the last family reunion you attended?

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