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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese’s Charms Birthday Stars With Magic Ticket, Makes Celebrations 1,000-times More Memorable

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DALLAS – Jan. 17, 2012 – Birthday traditions vary across the world from blowing out candles on a cake to busting a piñata full of candy, and Chuck E. Cheese’s incorporates special moments just like these into its popular birthday party package offerings. In fact, as a leader in family entertainment that hosts millions of children at birthday celebrations each year, Chuck E. Cheese’s has established a Birthday Star tradition of its own with the unique Ticket Blaster™ experience – and it just got better!

As part of its ongoing effort to reinvent birthday parties by introducing new, exciting party perks, Chuck E. Cheese’s will add a Magic Ticket to the mix of rewards in its exclusive Ticket Blaster game included with reserved birthday party packages. In addition to catching as many tickets as they can, lucky children who grab the Magic Ticket while it swirls around them in the Ticket Blaster will win 1,000 additional tickets to redeem for prizes and presents at the end of their party.

“We know how important birthday celebrations and traditions are to our guests, and they’re just as important to us – we even celebrate half birthdays,” said Chief Marketing Officer Scott McDaniel. “The Ticket Blaster experience has become synonymous with Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday parties, and the kids really look forward to participating. By adding the Magic Ticket, we’re hoping to make one of their favorite birthday traditions 1,000-times more special and memorable.”

Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday parties only take a few minutes to plan, with online reservations as well as printable or email invitations providing simple party-planning solutions. Party organizers can also call the nearest store as early as 90 days in advance to reserve a party package for their Birthday Star that includes the Ticket Blaster and Magic Ticket experience. All the details from the number of tokens to the pizza orders will be prepared by Chuck E. Cheese’s staff, so all families have to do is show up and have fun.

In preparation for their big moment in the spotlight, children can practice collecting tickets by playing the virtual version of Ticket Blaster at Chuck E-Games, the family fun leader’s online arcade. By playing the online game, they can win a voucher for up to 30 additional tickets to give them a head-start on prize-winning before their birthday party or next visit. Chuck E. Cheese’s encourages families to share their own birthday memories and Ticket Blaster experiences by emailing pictures to where they may turn up on Chuck E.’s Facebook page at

Guests can also find great party ideas and special offers for celebrating on the Chuck E. Cheese's website, the company's Facebook page and on Twitter. For even more fun, check out the Chuck E. Cheese’s YouTube channel to watch fun and exciting videos featuring the famous Chuck E. having fun with the whole family.

About CEC Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: CEC):

For more than 30 years, CEC Entertainment (NYSE: CEC) has served as the nationally recognized leader in family dining and entertainment and the place Where a Kid can be a Kid®.

The Company and its franchisees operate a system of 554 Chuck E. Cheese’s stores located in 48 states and seven foreign countries or territories. Currently, 506 locations in the United States and Canada are owned and operated by the Company. CEC Entertainment, Inc. and its franchises have the common goal of creating lifelong memories for families through fun, food and play. Each Chuck E. Cheese’s features musical and comic robotic entertainment, games, rides and play areas as well as a variety of dining options including pizza, sandwiches, a salad bar and desserts. Committed to providing a fun, safe environment, Chuck E. Cheese’s helps protect families through industry-leading programs such as Kid Check®.

Chuck E. Cheese’s aims to promote positive, lifelong memories inside and outside of its stores. In addition to providing a fun entertainment experience for millions of families across the world, Chuck E. Cheese’s has donated more than $6 million to schools and non-profit institutions through its fundraising programs. For more information, see the company's website at

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