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Monday, January 23, 2012

“Red Tails”… A History Lesson for the Books!

By Grace Gipson from Black Savant Cinema

“We Fight! We Fight! We Fight!”

This movie did just that! FIGHT!! Red Tails made it very clear from the start to the beginning, movies such as this one deserve to be placed in high regard just like any other Hollywood film and should not be ignored. And to think this project took 20 years to make…tisk tisk tisk.

Here is a positive, inspiring, and uplifting story that speaks to the masses while at the same time telling an important story in history. Keeping in mind that Red Tails is based on actual events, one should expect a bit of dramatization will exist in order for there to be some artistic expression. However in almost sheer perfection the look and feel of the film is genuinely authentic. Considering that most of the battles are in the air, there is that slight loss of the gritty and griminess of a battle being fought on land, but the film is about airmen so it is only appropriate. Link
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