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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Out of the Box

By Sana, Guest Blogger

"Out of the Box," is a monthly commentary that will encourage you to try new things, push your boundaries and ultimately step out of your box. Experience a world of adventure and realize your true potential just by having the courage to do things you never thought about, were afraid to try or didn't think you would enjoy.

Every month I will invite you to do something outside of your normal routine and then I want to know what the experience was like for you. Most will be little things, others may take a bit more courage but we'll start slow. When you gain confidence overcoming small fears and making room for little things, you gradually become more equipt to tackle the big stuff. Now it's time for you to step outside of your box. Let's go.....

Sana currently lives with her husband Reggie in Laurel, MD. She enjoys traveling, singing , Zumba and spending time with family and friends. Sana aspires to inspire others to challenge themselves to take small steps to reach their full potential.

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