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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What does $40 Dollars Mean To You?

Good morning,

Do you remember the "40 dollars" stories back in December? Congress was about to let a tax cut for millions of middle class families expire.

Then you shared your stories. You talked about how a little extra money goes to help pay for medicine for a sick spouse, gas money to get to work, or school books for a child. Thousands of Americans from different circumstances all spoke out with the same voice, and it was undeniably powerful.

Congress extended the tax cut, along with unemployment insurance, but only for two months.

So here we are in mid-February, the deadline only a few days away. And once again, if Congress doesn't act, working families will receive about $40 less with each paycheck.

So help us to highlight again how Congress's inaction would affect everyday families outside of Washington.

Watch this message from the President. Then share your story.

And this time, we want to put a face to your voice. So take a minute to snap a photo. And if you can, show us what you'll have to give up without that extra money in your paycheck. We'll use images from Americans around the country on to show how the payroll tax cut helps real people.

Share your picture and story today:


David Plouffe
Senior Advisor to the President

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